Construction Sites

Theft and vandalism have become an increasing problem

Adding unnecessary delays and cost to your project. GMH JR Protection will protect your sites, equipment, materials, tools and trailers from the time you break ground until your project is delivered..

Schools, Colleges

Schools and other educational establishments

Schools and other educational establishments face a great number of threats. It is certain that without a well-coordinated security presence there will always be the potential for catastrophe.

Hotels / Motels

Hotel security protects hotel guests, employees, and property.

GMH JR Protection :- Hotel security typically works directly on the hotel property, patrolling the grounds, and in an office, monitoring security cameras or filling out paperwork. ...

Car Park Security

Car parks can be a prime location for would-be criminals.

Unmonitored car parks can be a prime location for would-be criminals. In fact, up to 80 percent of all crimes committed in public occur in parking lots. Whether it be vehicle break-ins and theft, mugging, or assault, criminals can take advantage of these often dark and deserted spaces. As a result, car park security is becoming increasingly in demand.

Special Events

Street Festivals, Music Concerts & Sporting Events.

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Hospitals, clinics and other healthcare facilities

At 1st Class Protection, we provide an effective combination of security, technology and support services that will ensure the safety of employees and patients at your facility, regardless of location, size and layout.

Our Healthcare Security Team are able to provide the following services:

* Reception duties
* Customer services
* Checks to ensure visitors are genuine
* Conflict management including dealing with combative patients
* Identification of risks & vulnerabilities in hospitals
* Responding to and managing emergency situations
* Entry and access control
* CCTV monitoring
* Parking management and enforcement
* Inner and outer perimeter patrols



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